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Instructor Bio


Cathy Cena is a Managing Partner at FDT Academy, an Entrepreneur, a People Connector, a MOM, Wife and a Media Personality, who loves Life!

Cathy Cena was born in a small town in Italy Taurianova, Province of Reggio Calabria. Landed in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1972. As the eldest of three embraced life and always tried new things.

She started volunteering at the age of 12, which marked the beginning of giving back to her community. Now, at the age of 50, she continues to give back. She had 2 children by the age of 23. As a young mother, was determined to teach her children to love themselves, love each other, and try to give a helping hand wherever you can.

Cathy lives in Port Moody where she resides with her husband, David. She is an active community member and an advocate and has established a great reputation among her peers and colleagues. She currently works alongside her son, Frankie, and daughter, Tonya as they run their family business “FDT Academy Inc.,” where they focus on teaching hundreds of students the art of Debate and Public Speaking. In her spare time, she created “Catching up with Cathy,” a radio show, The Chat TV, a women-led talk show, and she is the Past President of Port Moody's Arts Center and the Optimists Club of Coquitlam. As busy as she always is; she loves it when a connection is made between companies and people.

Some call her the “People Connector.” She has always had a passion for politics and feels more women are needed to participate in politics and policymaking and more gender equality is necessary. She believes in always looking forward and pushing through her comfort zone to achieve more.


Her Favorite Quote is - 


"We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated"

Maya Angelou



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