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Fifty & Curvy with a sprinkle of Fabulous

A personal story about loving your body at any size

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A personal story about loving your body at any size.


Why I Wrote this Book

I'm open to seeing myself in a new light

People are always going to have one thing or another to say about body image. Regardless of your size, there is nothing you can do to stop someone from talking about or criticizing you. Instead, you need to know that you must love yourself regardless of your size and learn how to embrace your body. I hope this book helps you realize you can love your body!



" just bought a copy to show my support to your work and omg just reading the first few pages I love it!!!! I’ll take a signed printed copy too when you get around to making some!! ."

Count Classy

"I just finished your ebook! Cathy you hit the mark. I love how you connect all facets of body image and the importance of self care. As well as, understanding the opinions of others should never affect how you feel about yourself. Love yourself now were ever you are at on your journey.."

Talena F.

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