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Evil Eye Protection Rings are each $10 CAD


Evil eye pendant is a traditional Turkish refuge from evil, which means to keep bad things out, protect the wearer and bring good luck to the wearer.In Turkey, the evil eye is usually a symbol of luck, wealth, protection and prosperity.This evil eye jewelry set is believed to avoid disasters,bring good luck to you,protect you and your family..


Maintain Tips:

--Don't wear jewelry for swimming or hot springs

Don't wear jewelry while swimming or bathing in hot springs,jewelry is easy to fall accidentally, and the water contains chemical substances, jewelry is also vulnerable to damage after contact.

--Don't wear jewelry to sleep 

Many people have the habit of wearing jewelry to sleep. In fact, this habit is not good at all and will cause unnecessary damage to the jewelry. Take off the jewelry as much as possible before going to bed to protect the jewelry.

--Keep your jewelry clean

Keep oil fume, detergent and cosmetics away from jewelry at home. Keep the surface of the jewelry smooth and shiny to make you more charming. 

--Store jewelry in time

Many people have bought so many jewellery that they don’t know where the jewellery is, and it is easy to lose them, so they must be stored in time.

Evil Eye Protection Ring

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